Knowing the Different types and Variations of Online Slots Available


Did you know that slot machine games have evolved so much these days? It have some variants with unique mechanic.

So to play slot games better, you certainly need to familiarize yourself with the different types of online slots.

Classic slots

Also known as three reels slot which is the simplest single line slot machine game everyone knows.

The machine will have a lever that the player needs to pull to make a spin. Classic slots are the ideal choice for new players trying their luck in the online slot industry because its simpleness but also fun to play.

The classic slot games come with a variety of symbols and some basic rules that any new player can easily understand to win great prizes. Apart from that, the game comes with a generous and progressive jackpot. If a player lands on the same three symbols, they get the jackpot.

Many players prefer this slot because the gameplay is faster than others. It only get 1 line, meaning players can win big or risk losing everything quickly. The downside of this slot games tho, is that a low number of reels means a reduced possible combinations.

Video Slots

They are also referred to as the five-reels slot. Video slot are the forerunner of online slots because they are your typical slot machine in a land-based casino equipped with video screens instead of mechanical reels. So, the five reel slot is an advancement from the classic machines.

Video slots have gained immense popularity, with the maximum number of coins varying between one or more for the prize line. Their graphics come with five complete reels, although most of them use video screens.

Video slots come with very attractive graphics, sound and videos to appeal to all players. Software developers have designed the 5-reel slot to satisfy the player experience in a way.

One great thing about five-reel slots is that they have more paylines which increase your chances of winning than with three-reel slots. Five reel slots come with higher jackpots as well.

Muti-Paylines Slot

The slot with the most paylines you can have. Featured with 60++ paylines you can choose, every spin is guaranteed a hit. But keep this in mind, the more paylines a player chooses the higher their stakes too.

It is important to manage your bankroll before play this kind of slot so you can avoid instant bankrupt.

Also, it gives them a faster way to spend their money, because they make a lot of bets and with each spin, it seems like they make more every time.

Progressive slots

One of the most attractive casino games. Progressive slots are also known as progressive jackpot slot. And to qualify for the progressive jackpot, players must play with the maximum bet.

Therefore, players need a bigger investment when playing this type of slot game than when playing regular and current slot machines.

So, how do progressive slots work?

Whenever a player makes a maximum bet on this type of online slot game, a portion of their bet will contribute to the progressive jackpot. The jackpot consists of all the players playing that game at any given time.

On most betting platforms, operators have a banner that show the total amount of progressive jackpots they have accumulated with their progressive slots. Progressive slots come with different themes and can have different number of reels. The rest are similar to other slot machines.

Online casinos connect slot machines to contribute to the progressive jackpot through a network. That way, they can connect slot machines from different online casino websites. While it’s certainly hard to win the jackpot, but the prize money sure is humongous.


If you are more concerned with a fun gameplay than the profitable slot, than you should play I-slots usually known as slots with minigame.

Besides the conventional reel slot game, certain play or symbol in this type of game trigger bonus stages that offer players a mini-game. The mini-games allow players to multiply their winnings.

Playing this slot feels like playing a video games while also gamble, and it sure is fun to play.

New slot games are also keep released with thousands of variants now. You can choose the one that appeals most to you and enjoy them. Good luck!